Welcome to my website. I am an independent candidate (I am not part of the Independent group) for South Northamptonshire and will be standing in the 2019 general election. If you believe I am worthy of being an MP then please consider sharing my site with friends and family.

I grew up in a very business-minded family and have been fortunate enough to have travelled extensively, experiencing life in many different countries. I studied both Law and Medical Genetics, worked within the pharmaceutical sector and have volunteered with Citizens Advice. I believe that the experiences and knowledge I have gained along with my integrity and determination to do the best I can would make me a strong, reliable and valuable MP.

I am standing as an Independent because Parliament has failed to perform its core duty of governing the country by collective decision-making for years. It is clear that Parliament cannot resolve negligence or poor performance whereas in all other sectors the workplace can via disciplinary action and dismissal. No party proposes reform yet it is vital and only right that Parliament has professional standards of conduct introduced to prevent further deadlock and ensure effective governance. Parliament should reform just as the banking sector had to address the unprofessional working environment that caused the financial crash in 2008.